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im becca and i think ur fab probably


girls don’t like boys girls like the harry potter series


Imagine a starkid show where all the actors pick their most favorite character they’ve ever played and just go at it at an all in improv game to the death.

or just their most favourite character in general like can you imagine lauren as batman and dylan as cho chang the possibilities are endless


what can i say? i’m a huge dork

oh my gosh youre so cute 

[1] you;
1. most people call you?: becca
2. when’s your birthday?: july 19th
3. is your current hair color your natural hair color?: mostly
4. what are you complimented on most?:  im not lol
5. what do you do for fun?: watch catfish marathons

[2] family;
1. are your parents still together?: yes
2. how old are your siblings, if you have any?: 14
3. are you the tallest one in your family?: hahahaha no
4. do you have the same name as one of your relatives?: no
5. how many letters are there in your last name?: five

[3] friends;
1. do you have a lot of friends?: i guess so?
2. what do you guys do when you’re together?: watch films and stuff
3. have you ever lost a friend because of something stupid?: i dont think so?
4. have you made any new friends this year?: yes
5. who’s the last friend you hung out with?: grace

[4] your best friend(s);
1. how’d you meet him/her?: school
2. do you live near each other?: yes
3. how long have you been best friends?: 6 years???
4. do you tell him/her everything?: no but you stalk me anyway so you find out
5. would you do anything for them?: idk probably

[5] boyfriend/girlfriend; (skip if single…)
1. How long have you liked this person?: -
2. How long have you been going out?: -
3. Who asked who out?: -
4. Do you love him/her?: -
5. Do you think you’ll be together forever?: -

[6] single life; (skip if taken…) 
1. how long have you been single?: forever
2. who ended your last relationship?: ////
3. do you wish you were in a relationship?: sometimes
4. as of today, do you like anyone?: not especially
5. if so, do you think it’ll go anywhere?: no

[7] who’s;
1. a person you’d travel across the country to see?: idk 
2. someone you would do anything for?: nobody
3. someone you’d die for?: ^
4. a person you’ve known for your entire life?: my mum?
5. your favorite person?: darren criss (like not actually but damn)

[8] have you ever;

1. sang a solo in front of a large audience?: no
2. been in trouble with the cops?: no
3. got a tattoo?:  no
4. kicked a guy in the junk?: dont think so
5. pretended to be happy?: yes

[9] do you believe;
1. in god?: no
2. in satan?: no
3. that everything happens for a reason?: meh
4. in love at first sight?: no
5. that there’s such a thing as true love?: yes

[10] school; (skip if you work…)
1. what grade are you in?: idk im in year 13 
2. do you get good grades?: ish
3. are you the teacher’s pet?: sometimes 
4. have you ever been sent to the principal’s office?: no
5. do you plan on going to college?: yes

[11] work; (skip if you don’t have a job…) 
1. how long have you been working at your job?: -
2. what do you do there?: -
3. what’s your favorite part about it?: -
4. is your boss a pain in the ass?: -
5. do you think you’ll work there your entire life?: -

[12] pets; N/A

1. what was your first pet’s name?: max and daisy
2. do you currently have any pets?: two cats and a dog
3. do you always remember to feed/water them?: yes
4. have you ever had a pet fish?: no
5. what’s the strangest animal you’ve had for a pet?: neither cats or dogs are strange, but my nan has a tortoise??

[13] last time you…;
1. told someone you loved them?: idk i dont say it a lot
2. had sex?: haha
3. drove a car?: i havent
4. went to burger king?:  a couple of months ago? idk im a mcdonalds gal
5. made someone cry?: a few months ago

[14] yesterday;
1. what did you do?: i was in london and went to the museum and covent garden
2. was it a good day?: yes
3. did you hang out with any friends?: grace
4. did you get in any trouble?: no
5. was it better than today?: yes

[15] today;
1. what day is it?: wednesday
2. did you do anything fun?: watched supernanny?
3. did you have to work?: no
4. where did you go?: my nans house and to walk the dog
5. what are you doing tonight?: writing this

sometimes i wonder how much johnlock angst ive read but then i remember i probably dont want to know


Oh my god
I hope that’s a good oh my god o.o

it was the best oh my god i loved it a lot

Zoe Saldana photographed for Ocean Drive Magazine, December 2013

i changed my theme and icon are they okay??????

why do i hate every single theme in the world 

would you like to change religions i have a free book about jesus




also, wednesday has been canceled due to scheduling errors.

And now, the weather.

[waitin for the bus in the rain in the rain wait waitin for the bus in the rain]




also, wednesday has been canceled due to scheduling errors.

And now, the weather.

[waitin for the bus in the rain in the rain wait waitin for the bus in the rain]

it’s a book about america a long long time ago 
#thebookofmormon #westend #london

it’s a book about america a long long time ago
#thebookofmormon #westend #london


you know what kills me, what really haunts my deepest darkest dreams? harry using lumos at privet drive in prisoner of azkaban to do his homework. WARNER BROTHERS! Harry Potter WAS NOT ALLOWED TO DO MAGIC OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL. THAT’S WHY HE RAN AWAY AFTER BLOWING UP HIS FUCKING AUNT. Do you understand the MAJOR continuity problem in your adaptation of this billion-dollar book series? DO YOU UNDERSTAND?


There is no good and evil, there is only power and those too weak to seek it.